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May 8, 2013
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Romanian Three-Tail Male - 3-D Printed Sculpture by LeccathuFurvicael Romanian Three-Tail Male - 3-D Printed Sculpture by LeccathuFurvicael
View the digital model here: [link]

Holy crap.... holy crap, this is actually REAL!!!!! I am still in a bit of shock to see it, and to see how well it turned out. YES!!!

This is my final project for my 3-D Modeling and Physical Output course. This sculpture was first made in ZBrush, and then sent as an STL file to a 3-D printer on my campus, to then be 'printed' out in a stack of layers cemented to one another as each is stacked on top of the other. This is printed in a resin-like plastic, and is quite durable. I may attempt to sand down some of the rougher edges and see if it can be done.

This sculpture is also on the smaller side, at 7 inches long, 3-4 inches wide, and roughly 2 inches tall - it is great as a 'desk buddy' that won't clutter up space too much.

I may not have access to a 3-D printer in the immediate future, but I am very interested in offering custom character sculptures printed out in this way (posed of course, or static if one prefers), though due to time for creating a unique 3-D model and the amount of poly errors to fix when sending these models to a printer, they may be rather expensive (around the $200-$400 level).

I have to say, seeing my own unique dragon species, a thing that I have put so much effort, research, time, and passion into, seeing these creatures as a physically tangible thing, has begun to satisfy a fantasy that I have always wished to become reality; seeing my Romanian Three-Tails in the flesh. This is a very small step in that direction, but my heart just races when I can admire, touch, and observe in reality.

I am also very happy with myself to see that this model looks so...plausible, and fluid. How the membrane connects to the body with natural grace; how the subtle play of light naturally accentuates the forelimb musculature; the way the caudal spines cast their shadows over the rest of the tail; the manner in which the wing digits fold and appear to be unidirectional from one view, but then display a gentle inclination upward in another, as one sees in bats... some things just can't be appreciated so fully in two dimensions, but the third dimension of physical space grants me that very thing I've been craving for so long.

This is the start of something very, very special and dear to me. I love it!!!

Art and model created by Stephanie Dziezyk/LeccathuFurvicael 2013.
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Dutch-Mogul Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Really beautiful work! I saw this on Thingiverse and had to track down a printed version. Looks fantastic. What I wouldn;t give to have access to that kind of printer!
theangrypencil Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey come by this site - we are working really hard trying to obtain startup funding for this 3D printing company. Thanks!
AguaRush11 Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i just want a 3d printer so badly lol i wish i could try this
Tell me about it - it is really quite amazing. ^^
emilysodders May 17, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
This is so cool!
Holy Schnap! a character commission using 3D printing? That is a new level of amazing.
:D I am super stoked for what I could do in the future! ^^
Drekena May 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This makes me both happy and kind of sad, because it is so much more tangible and real, yet still an inanimate object. It reminds me of my childhood when I wanted so much to be able to fly. This struck me on a very deep level, sorry if I sound strange!

I would love to paint this and other sculptures, it's so fun to work on such a small scale. Heck, you should go into business and make figurines! I know I would buy one, I'm trying to convince myself that I don't NEED a three foot long version of Kena and it is very difficult. I have birthday money headed my way, I'll have to seriously debate it.
No worries: ) - I definitely have felt similar things that you have described. It is a strange mix of elation and yet slight disappointment. I'll happily utilize that disappointment to go further and see how I can progress with posed models, interacting scenes, etc.

I would love to sell varied poses of my 3-tails, for sure! They would certainly be cheaper than custom sculptures, due to lack of need to model a whole new creature, fix any errors as it is transmitted to the printer, and such. If I ever get myself a personal printer, man, these puppies would fly! XD I still have to look into Shapeways or some other 3D printing company in the meantime.

Man, sculpting Kena would be truly awesome :heart:.

Thank you for your comment! ^^ It's always great to hear from you.
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