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Pet portraits, dragons, school assignments, random tomfoolery... who knows what you'll see!


I haven't really talked to anyone online for a good week since I was on a trip to Pittsburgh, and so you get the brunt of my thoughts as I've returned home as a result. : 3 I just haven't wanted to do anything online lately anyway, either, so there's that. Haven't been on my antidepressant for almost two weeks now, but my level of motivation hasn't really dwindled at all - it's all about the same. My stupid eyes, though... they feel jittery, and with every large eye movement I get this surge of this odd electric buzzing feeling in the backs of my eyes, and it doesn't feel very good. It's been this way for about a week or so, so it's probably to do with the lack of antidepressants. I have been too shy to call my neurologist up to call for a refill ever since there was a snafu from my insurance saying I couldn't do double the dose as my neuro suggested, and needs to have the new dosage all in one capsule instead of just two of the single doses. I've been very bad at doing anything about it.

I do have to say I can whittle two new experiences into my walking stick of life, though - I've visited and purchased items from an authentic Polish deli in Pittsburgh, and I have been officially drunk. Not too drunk to have blacked out thankfully, and I remember all that happened; I found out that after three and a half glasses of 9.2% alcohol (some pumpkin spice beer as befitting of the season), the dragon in me comes out, and supposedly I am 'adorable' from what my friends told me. XD I was zoned out on the way home, had my hands curled into 'claws', rumbled and chirruped at random times, and my movements were very animal-like - head-tilting, exaggerated head motions, more lowered stance, etc. I wasn't loud or brash or crazy, though, which I am glad for. I didn't think my draconic side was still that ingrained subconsciously, as it isn't a part of my everyday life as it used to be, but I guess it's still there XD. So yeah - fair warning I suppose. But, when I am just tipsy, I can draw like a boss and I can talk much more easily, with complex words coming out exactly as I was intending them to. I guess I should consider myself lucky. XP

The Polish deli was so much fun, too! There was a cookbook for sale there, and it was ALL in Polish! It made me wish I knew the language more so I could pronounce what I was reading. I was in seventh heaven, though, and found out that chocolate-covered prunes are to die for. <3 And cherry liqueur chocolates aren't joking with the 'liqueur' part XD As I ate one in the car, my friends both remarked on the scent of the alcohol. XD I bought myself a lot of imported food, and some genuine kielbasa, and it's delicious. ^^ Not nearly as spicy as the store versions, but maybe it was just the type that I bought that was that mild. I've cooked it in with my eggs in the morning, and it's delightful. Also, I bought a loaf of this almond-walnut bread that has the nuts in a spread or marzipan-type concoction and swirled into the bread like a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread. It's delicious, too! I wish I could get that stuff more readily, but maybe this could be a good incentive to find a good recipe to make it myself. : ) I wanted to send some of the kielbasa to my dad, but I don't think it'll be good by the time it gets to him. I might have better luck with the smoked dry meat sticks (called 'kabanos') that I got, if I stop eating them! XP The only thing I didn't like of what I bought was a block of Polish yellow cheese - it was very sour, and I think it actually upset my stomach, as I was not feeling too well for most of the rest of the day after eating it. You win some, you lose some, though : ). Maybe it was out of date XP.

But aye - I've been completely binging on one of my favorite games of all time this past week and now, and I just can't get enough of it - The Binding of Isaac. I've been playing the updated version lately, Rebirth, and am completely stoked for its expansion coming out on Halloween Eve : D. Very fitting date, of course. It's got the perfect combination of simple controls, simple mechanics, but completely unique variations each run, and the synergy of various items you pick up, along with the variation in rooms, enemies, and end games keeps everything fresh. But, the thing I love the most, and the reason I've stuck with this game for so long, is its story and background. LOTS of discussion to be had about the implications of religion, fanaticism, child abuse, pernicious and self-worth-eroding concepts in Judeo-Christianity, and lots of body horror. A lot of the monsters have bases in fetal development, mutations, and genetic errors, including harelip/cleft palate, polycephaly, teratomas, etc. I. Freaking. Love it. <333
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Stephanie Dziezyk
United States
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Hello everyone! I am a pet portrait artist, fantasy artist, somewhat of an animal/wildlife artist, animal-lover and graduated college student with a Studio Art major, and Zoology and Art History minor. I hope to create wildlife and fantasy illustrations in the future as well as research animals, preferably birds, fish, or reptiles. You may know me most distinctly for my Romanian Three-Tail dragons, and my draconic alter-ego Leccathu Fürvicael.

I genuinely enjoy interweaving zoology and imagination; the application of scientific knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, behavior, and ecology to the creation of seemingly impossible animals is an avocation that strongly reflects my passionate and curious personality. To share my love of these distinct realities with others, I utilize graphite, acrylics, oils, digital painting, and even 3-dimensional models, bringing to visual life wholly new creations that, while completely fabricated, appear plausible. I can display and share with others the intricacies of how muscles interact to make limbs move, the hunting techniques of some abyssal leviathan, the anatomy of bizarre six-limbed mammals, and show how dragons could truly fly.

I hope that you enjoy your stay here, and please ask me questions, leave comments, critique my ideas, or anything of the like! I'll keep uploading new material here, and who knows where my adventures will take me. Thank you for stopping by!

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