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Pet portraits, dragons, school assignments, random tomfoolery... who knows what you'll see!


While I have been as silent as a mossy rock on the edge of a burbling stream, I have been slowly conspiring in my own subtle ways behind the scenes. I must say that I believe the zonisamide, the new antidepressant I've been prescribed for migraine prevention, is beginning to get to therapeutic doses, and have found myself achieving something I have not been able to do in over four months,

I am working on commissions in order, from the first one I was contracted to work on, the ferret 3D model slated to be used for FaceRig. A monster of a task, as I have lost much of the barely functional skill I had gained in Maya when taking 3D modeling courses, and as such must rely on less than comprehensive tutorials on setting bones and rigging for faces, arguably the most complex facet of most any part of the animating process. And yet, I am resolutely working on this beast every day, though I have not gotten to bone-setting just yet. I am retopologizing the entire model in ZBrush first, to make sure that the model will warp at least somewhat well under the stressors of the bones.

I have lamentably been shirking my duties with Goldblaze, however, and have found that multitasking at this moment just is not feasible. With such a complex undertaking that requires a lot of thought and concentration, this project is paramount to me, at the risk of losing clients and future work. I accept that. The ferret client, however, has waited since summer unendingly for my constant shirking of duties; I am so very, very thankful that my brain, aided by neurotransmitter management, is cooperating, so that I may complete my queue, in order, and not take any future commissions at this time.

My eagerness to please and, moreover, my anxiety over the ramifications of what may happen if I say 'no' has gotten me into a lot of unfortunate situations; it is high time that that irrationality is meted out by rational action on what my limits are. It may slow down the process of my career considerably, but, I am only one person, and right now multitasking is something I just cannot do. If it is art I must work on, it is my obligation to give my utmost in order of those who have waited the longest. Once this ferret is complete, Gekko, your 3D reference sheet is next.

I must warn that there may be some instability in my brain as time goes on, and I may vacillate into impulsive pleasing mode, and may be able to multitask with some different subject matter or one-off smaller commissions after a time of gaining my long lost discipline back, but I will still do my utmost to work on things in order. Damnable art - your nature is that of water; ever shifting, and only discernible by the vessel in which it rests....

Thank you all for your unending patience, and I shall try to keep you all up to date as I keep working on things!

P.S. If you have a penchant for dark, psychological, sci-fi horror, and love point and click adventure games, play I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream. BEAUTIFUL. <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for the gift, Graeth!! I completed it, and got the good and the bad endings. Damn, I love that game. <3
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Stephanie Dziezyk
United States
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Hello everyone! I am a pet portrait artist, fantasy artist, somewhat of an animal/wildlife artist, animal-lover and graduated college student with a Studio Art major, and Zoology and Art History minor. I hope to create wildlife and fantasy illustrations in the future as well as research animals, preferably birds, fish, or reptiles. You may know me most distinctly for my Romanian Three-Tail dragons, and my draconic alter-ego Leccathu Fürvicael.

I genuinely enjoy interweaving zoology and imagination; the application of scientific knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, behavior, and ecology to the creation of seemingly impossible animals is an avocation that strongly reflects my passionate and curious personality. To share my love of these distinct realities with others, I utilize graphite, acrylics, oils, digital painting, and even 3-dimensional models, bringing to visual life wholly new creations that, while completely fabricated, appear plausible. I can display and share with others the intricacies of how muscles interact to make limbs move, the hunting techniques of some abyssal leviathan, the anatomy of bizarre six-limbed mammals, and show how dragons could truly fly.

I hope that you enjoy your stay here, and please ask me questions, leave comments, critique my ideas, or anything of the like! I'll keep uploading new material here, and who knows where my adventures will take me. Thank you for stopping by!

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